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Cassandra Jones is a succubus. She has a big, black motorcycle, a big, black coat, big, fluffy eighties hair, and two big, sharp katanas.



Body 7 Magic 7 Mind 6 Reflexes 6


Creature Powers 13 Martial Arts 13 Guns 13 Intrusion 13 Seduction 13 Driving 13 Sabotage 13


Creature Powers

Domination Regeneration Damage Immunity (Normal Bullets)

Martial Arts

Prodigiously Abundant Leap Chi 1 / Shots 1 Flying Windmill Kick Chi 7 / Shots 5 Flying Sword Chi 3 / Shots 3 Loyal Steel Chi 1 / Shots 3 Bite of the Dragon Chi 2 / Shots 3 Breath of the Dragon Chi 3 / Shots 3 Signature Weapons: Katanas


Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs Carnival of Carnage x2 Symphony of Slaughter Instead of declaring how many mooks you want to target, roll and then decide

Unique Schtick

Sexy Spy: People she sleeps with have to confess their secrets to her.


Key of Vengeance

Your character has a hatred for a particular organization, person, or even species or culture.
  • Gain 1 XP every time your character hurts a member of that group or a lackey of that person.
  • Gain 2 XP every time your character strikes a minor blow at that group or person (killing a member of the organization or one of the person's lackeys, disrupting their life, destroying their property).
  • Gain 5 XP every time your character strikes a major blow at that group or person.
  • Buyoff: Let your enemy go.

Key of the Lover

Your character vigorously pursues romantic opportunities.
  • Gain 1 XP every time your character successfully flirts with a new person.
  • Gain 3 XP whenever your character starts a significant new romantic relationship.
  • Gain 5 XP for starting a romance with someone it's wiser not to.
  • Buyoff: Form a purely platonic bond with someone.

Key of Glittering Gold

Your character loves wealth.
  • Gain 1 XP every time you make a deal that favors you in wealth.
  • Gain 2 XP every time you finish an adventure with more wealth than you started with.
  • Gain 5 XP every time you double your wealth. (Currently $200k)
  • Buyoff: Give away everything you own except what you can carry lightly.

Expendable Resources

Fortune Dice 10 Experience 5

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