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Cassandra Jones is a succubus. She has a big, black motorcycle, a big, black coat, big, fluffy eighties hair, and two big, sharp katanas.



Body 7
Magic 7
Mind 6
Reflexes 6


Creature Powers 13
Martial Arts 13
Guns 13
Intrusion 13
Seduction 13
Driving 13
Sabotage 13


Creature Powers

Damage Immunity (Normal Bullets)

Martial Arts

Prodigiously Abundant Leap Chi 1 / Shots 1
Flying Windmill Kick Chi 7 / Shots 5
Flying Sword Chi 3 / Shots 3
Loyal Steel Chi 1 / Shots 3
Bite of the Dragon Chi 2 / Shots 3
Breath of the Dragon Chi 3 / Shots 3
Signature Weapons: Katanas


Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs
Carnival of Carnage x2
Symphony of Slaughter Instead of declaring how many mooks you want to target, roll and then decide

Unique Schtick

Sexy Spy: People she sleeps with have to confess their secrets to her.


Key of Vengeance

Your character has a hatred for a particular organization, person, or even species or culture.

Key of the Lover

Your character vigorously pursues romantic opportunities.

Key of Glittering Gold

Your character loves wealth.

Expendable Resources

Fortune Dice 10
Experience 5

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