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These are from Clinton Nixon's [The Shadow of Yesterday] rpg.

Key of Love

Your character has a deep love, whether friendly, erotic, or familial, for someone else.

Key of Unrequited Love

Your character has a love for someone who does not return this love.

Key of Angst

Your character has a dark past or monstrous urges that fill her with shame.

Key of the Lover

Your character vigorously pursues romantic opportunities.

Key of Fraternity

Your character has someone he is sworn to, a friend who is more important than anyone else.

Key of the Guardian

Your character has a ward, someone who depends on him for security and protection.

Key of the Vow

Your character has a vow of personal behavior that he has sworn not to break.

Key of the Mission

Your character has a personal mission that he must complete.

Key of Faith

Your character has a strong religious belief that guides him.

Key of Conscience

Your character has a soft spot for the weak and helpless.

Key of Vengeance

Your character has a hatred for a particular organization, person, or even species or culture.

Key of the Survivor

Your character thrives on personal pain and suffering.

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