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Prometheus Skuleo, aka Theus aka Theo Ratskull aka Corpse-Looter aka Pest Who Gnaws the Roots of Power, is a Greek-American Were-Rat, and he's equally proud of both heritages. He's tired of "his people" being shat upon by everyone with power, and he intends to put a stop to it. He's a charming, deceitful little man who by all rights should be creepy as hell, yet exudes a strange charm. His work as a muck-raking underground reporter tends not to pay at all, or even cost him money, so he runs a profitable sideline in valuable information and fenced goods.



Body 5
Magic 7
Mind 8
Reflexes 6

War-Form (Large Dog-Like Rat with Prehensile Hands)

Body 7
Magic 6
Mind 5
Reflexes 8


Body 5
Magic 8
Mind 5
Reflexes 8


Creature Powers 13
Martial Arts 13
Deceit 13
Intrusion 13
Gambling 13
Journalism 13
Leadership 13
Sabotage 13


Creature Powers

Transformation Rat & Were-Rat
Lurk Chi 8 / Shots 1
Squeeze Chi 3 / Shots 8
Regeneration Heal One Wound per Sequence

Martial Arts

Friend of Darkness Chi 1 / Shots 1
Dark's Soft Whisper Chi 4 / Shots 3
Blade of Darkness Chi 1 / Shots 3
Gathering the Darkness Chi X / Shots 3

Unique Schtick

Cuteness of the Rat: Spend a Fortune Die to guarantee that a contact you meet isn't hostile.


Key of the Revolutionary

Stick it to the man!

Key of Conscience

Despite the tough-guy exterior, deep down he's a nice guy. Even deeper down, he's a nice rat.

Key of the Jester

Honestly point out the flaws in others.

Deprecated Keys

Key of the Guardian

Defend the Were-Rat Community and work for its general good.

Expendable Resources

Fortune Dice 7
Experience 4

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