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This game is a modern day action game which takes its cues from movies like Underworld, End of Days, The Crow, and Blade.

First, demons, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, black magicians and every other kind of supernatural nasty you can think of exist, and someone (ie, the PCs) need to stop them from realizing their diabolical schemes, usually in ways that require car chases, gunfights, kung fu and special-effects-laden magic.

Like those movies, the game takes place in a stylized, art-deco/gothic version of the modern day—it's like New York, only it's always 2 o'clock in the morning and raining, and every building in the city is taller and looms more, and has gargoyles pasted to it.

Furthermore, all of the PCs are incredibly cool. They could wander onto the set of a Matrix movie without changing clothes, are all incredibly beautiful, and have soap-opera-complex love lives (which also produce excuses for high-octane action sequences).

As the basic setup, the PCs run a detective agency. People with unusual problems come to them, and then action sequences ensue. Yes, you can be the half-demon daughter of Lucifer struggling against her diabolical heritage, by being a private eye.


Bring your copy of Feng Shui. This will be the system, with some house rules.

Character Creation

Here's the way character creation works.

1. Stats:

You've got four stats—Body, Magic, Mind and Reflexes. We will ignore all of the substats. These start at 5, and you can add 6 points to them, taking no stat above 8.

2. Skills:

Pick 7 skills from the Feng Shui list. At least one of these must be a combat skill (Guns, Martial Arts, Sorcery, or Creature Powers). All of your skills are at AV 13.

If you pick only one combat skill, it's at AV 14 instead and put a star next to it.

If you take an Info skill, make sure that it's a broad area. Info(Science), Info(History) and Info(Art) are good; Info(Molecular Biology) and Info(French Romantic Literature) are too narrow.

3. Shticks:

For each combat skill you pick, take 3 shticks. If you have a starred combat skill, you get 5 shticks.

You also get one unique shtick. Take any of them from the existing archetypes, or make one up. The website


has a good selection of homebrew custom shticks. This shtick is unique—you cannot have the same one as another PC.

4. Keys:

Make up 3 Keys. Keys are from Clinton Nixon's rpg <i>The Shadow of Yesterday<i>, and will be explained in detail tomorrow:


Basically, they're a little bit like Restrictions from Nobilis; you've got a personality trait or disad, and you get Fortune Dice whenever you do something in keeping with a Key.

5. Fortune:

You begin the game with 5 Fortune Dice.

Fortune and Experience

I'm changing the way that Fortune works. In this game, Fortune is not a stat. Instead, it's a pool of Fortune dice which can go up or down. When you spend a Fortune die, you get an extra +1d6 on a roll, as usual, and you also get an experience point.

In fact, this is the only way you get experience in this game; collect Fortune from Keys, and then spend them to get experience points.

1. Attribute increases will be 15 xp each. However, attribute and skill AVs are totally de-linked.

2. Raising a skill will cost its current level in experience points.

If you improve a combat skill, you cannot raise it more than 2 points above the level of the player with the lowest combat AV. (If you have a starred combat skill, you can increase it to at most 3 points above the level of the player with the lowest combat AV.)

2. Buying new Keys will cost 10 experience points. You can have a maximum of 5 Keys at a time.

3. The prices for new shticks will be tweaked a little bit; I am going to make them a flat price rather than having increasing costs. All of the shtick costs that are X + current number of shticks turn into X + 2.

— Neel

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