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Toren Atlas

Human Form

Bod: 6 Magic: 8 Mind: 6 Reflexes: 6

Demon form

Bod: 7 Magic: 6 Mind: 5 Reflexes: 8


Creature Powers 13 Intimidation 13 Detective 13 Info/Demons? and Shit13 Fix-It13 Martial Arts13 Gambling13


Claw of the Tiger Chi: 1 Shots: 3 Punch damage = Bod + 3 Tiger Stance Chi: 1 Shots: 0 Free MA attack after being damaged by an opponent Unyielding Tiger Stance Chi: 2 Shots: 0 Free MA attack simultaneous to any hand-to-hand attack

Inevitable Comeback Tranformation Tentacles

??? (Still need one)


[Key of the Survivor] [Key of Vengeance] [Key of the Vow ("Don't Be Evil")]

Fortune Dice:27 Experience:14

Torn is really the demon Kk'ak', who left the service of Hell after a fit of conscience led to a loud and vocal disgreement between him and the upper echelons of the underworld. Shortly after leaving Hell's service, Kk'ak' realized he was now hunted by both Heaven and Hell, and so brokered a deal with [the angel Hagiel] whereby Toren plays the good guy, and lightens Hagiel caseload, in exchange for Hagiel keeping the angels of vengeance from unmaking Toren.

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